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Our Projects

We are doing world class
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Our projects are born from a passion for innovation that knows no bounds. We see challenges as opportunities to push the envelope and explore new frontiers.


Woo Commerce

A E-commerce site for london based company

Branding for Studio

Boosting service for electronic based company

React-Native Development

Mobile app for productivity in Iphone

Python Development

Watch everything in virtual reality world

Cloud Service

Building a server for a new start up company

Application for Watch

Our slack app for your wrist smartwatch


CRM Solutions

Customer relationship app using Odoo

ERP Solutions

Saas Service for a brand new Woo Commerce Company

Unik Personal Portfolio

Personal portfolio that hits everybody resume

Clean Dashboard

Creating a dashboard for newly launched market

Fast IT Support

Our team give a quick response for the clients


Electro E-commerce

A site that hits entire online themeforest site